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Faith Still In Bed

Faith Nelson stole our hearts years ago when she appeared at her site In Bed With Faith. I distinctly remember my excitement to see this, then 18 year old, with massive, natural 32G cups. I was even more shocked to see that Faith had gone hardcore and certainly enjoyed watching all her sex movies, but then, all of a sudden, she seemed to have disappeared? Well, no, not really. With so many big boob sites, there’s obviously women that I can’t get to and a lot of times rely of you guys to shout out about anyone that’s worthy of a mention. I received these latest pics in my inbox and upon further discovery, see that Faith has been updating her site religiously. Since her original site came out in 2005, that would put her around 23-24 years old now and I must say, she looks gggggggrreat! Faith appears to have toned up quite a bit, and it seems that she may have lost some of her boobage in the process, but they’re obviously still extremely large and her large, puffy areolas are still so hot. Take a look at the latest with this 32G cup British babe!

See more of this busty british babe Faith Nelson here!

Brittanys Bod Pics

I scour the net everyday to find the latest and greatest big tit women. The latest busty amateur I’ve found is Brittany from Brittanysbod.com and my prediction is her site is going to be huge! The site is literally brand new and not only is this petite 19 year old a total cutie, she’s got great, all natural 34DD tits. Hot girls with big tits are really big on the net if you haven’t noticed lol. I haven’t been this excited about a busty solo girl since In Bed With Faith! Her site is updated three times a week currently, with two picture sets and one high-def movie, plus chats with her members in the forum and scheduled cam shows that I can’t wait to see. Here’s the first peek of this big breasted Texan!

brittanys bod pics
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brittanysbod.com brittanys bod pics
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Faith Exposing

Is it true? It looks like Faith is getting larger. I’ve been a big fan of this amateur since she started her first site, InbedwithFaith.com, but her newest pictorials appear that Faith is even larger than her normal 32GG cup size. Could she be pregnant? I don’t think so, since I haven’t heard any news regarding that, but perhaps she is putting on a little weight and they’re growing. In any case, they look marvelous and still are absolutely huge.

For those who haven’t heard of Faith Exposed, it’s Faith Nelson’s hardcore site that she started with her boyfriend. When she turned 18, she had her solo site, then vanished for a bit. A “leaked” blowjob video featuring Faith sucking and swallowing her boyfriends cum surfaced on the net. She quickly capitalized on the new found success and started up her hardcore site. It’s basically what every faith fan had wanted to see for years, blowjobs, hardcore sex, even anal! It would be like Next Door Niki or Sweet Krissy doing hardcore sex scenes, they would be HUGE and so was faiths. See what all the hoopla is about.

Watch faith suck her boyfriends cock and swallow his cum!

Cassandra Calogera Already Doing Hardcore!

Last week I made an introduction about a newbie boobstress, Cassandra Calogera, that I really thought was a “find.” Well, to my complete surprise, I opened me email this morning and found that Cassandra is already doing hardcore! Most amateur girls don’t take that plunge for quite some time, teasing guys for years with topless shots and sometimes completely non-nude. I know it took Faith Nelson from InBedWithFaith almost four years before she opened Faith Exposed (she has since stopped doing hardcore).

Cassandra’s last set I posted were obvious professional shots, but this new set has a real amateur feel that I like. I don’t know if the hung dude in the scene is her boyfriend or just the photographer, but he’s one lucky dude. So now her site has been uploaded with lots of hardcore for us hardcore big tit fans. I think you guys will enjoy this one!

See all the hardcore action with Cassandra now!

In Bed With Faith Exposed

Well, as 2006 closes, in the big boob world, we certainly got a treat this year, as wonderboob babe, In Bed With Faith, came out with her first ever hardcore scene, then finally site, Faith Exposed. It’s been a huge success and it comes as no surprise. Faith’s boobs are simply some of the largest, natural tits (32G cups) on a younger woman that you’ll see. Plus she has a cute English accent too that doesn’t hurt. Check this clip out of Faith using the dildo on herself.

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More Faith Hardcore

One of the greatest things in the big boob community, yes it does actually exist, was 32G cup Faith coming out with her site, Faith Exposed, featuring herself in hardcore action with her boyfriend. When I intially heard she was going to do it, I thought maybe she’d just do some masturbation and what not, but she goes full on hardcore fucking, anal sex, everything. Check out this clip of faith giving her clit a nice buzz.

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Faith Does Hardcore

It’s finally here! Almost two months ago to the day, I posted there was some exciting news coming with one of our favotire big tits amateurs, 32G cup, Faith from In Bed With Faith. Well, after years of dreaming for it, Faith now has a new site, Faith Exposed, where she does full on hardcore! Yes, sloppy blowjobs, vibrating masturbation, hardcore fucking, even anal! When it rains it pours! And the best part of it is she shot it all in hi definition. The video quality looks great! So if you’ve ever wanted to see what it’s like to watch Faith’s big tits rocking back and forth as she gets rammed, here’s your chance!

Watch 32G cup cutie Faith get fucked hard! Her brand new site – FaithExposed.com!

Busty Blonde Cutie Faith

I’ve got some huge news coming later this month for you InBedWithFaith fans that loved her XXX Blowjob Video. This is something that is HUGE and you’re going to love. I’ll refrain myself from spilling the beans completely and just say visit often as you’ll enjoy what you see. In the meantime, see this cutie sucking on lollypop and getting a breast massasge from her girlfriend.

Watch Faith suck her boyfriends cock and swallow his cum!

In Bed With Faith Does Hardcore

Finally! At Last! Last October I posted that Faith from InBedWithFaith, would be doing hardcore. It’s finally here! Although, under these circumstances, it scene wasn’t intended for public use, nevertheless, it’s happened. Apparently, Faith had her cell phone stolen ala Paris Hilton, Vida Guerra and the company she works for, bought the video from the guy the stole it, rather than it getting out. Doesn’t make sense right? But who cares! Faith gets down and dirty with her boyfriend in this movie, sucking him off and giving him a nice tit fuck with her 32G tits!. I’ve been waiting years to see this happen. What’s great is Faith ends the movie taking her boyfriends load in her mouth! Even better, word has it, now that’s this video is out, Faith is heavily considering doing hardcore completely now. I can’t wait to see her fuck! Should be sometime soon!

Watch the entire movie of big tit Faith and she swallows her boyfriends load!

Faith Lookalike Giovana

Is it just me or does Giovana have a striking resembelence to Faith (minus the blonde hair and bigger tits)? Nevertheless she’s a beauty, with perfect natural tits. Although the site name is Big Fucking Tits, I’ll never shy away from displaying big tits that are nice, as opposed to big fucking tits. Check out this gallery of Giovana get it on with a dildo!

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Happy New Year!


I’m kicking off the new year In Bed With Faith! Well, not exactly in bed with her, but with her site :-). Looks like Faith is kicking off the new year with a new style, she looks a little more sophisticated than she did a few years ago when she was just 18. Luckily for us, her breasts are still the same 32G size that we have grown to love. I hope everyone had a great evening celebration and enjoy your new year!

In Bed With Busty Babes

In Bed With Ashley teamed up with In Bed With Faith and got in bed with each other. Ashley’s huge 34E tits and Faith’s all natural 36G tits were a tag team match in heaven. After sizing each other up, this top heavy duo got it on with some deep kissing and major breast play. Faith is one of my favorite busty babes, I’m glad to see she’s getting more “interactive” and doing some scenes with partners. I’m still waiting for those b/g hardcore scenes, somehow I think they’re just around the corner. This one is going in my bookmarks for sure.

In Bed With Faith Pussy Pics

Holy shit! InBedWithFaith, Britain’s hottest big tits babe, has just released pics showing her pussy! Faith’s site has been open for a little over a year and to celebrate, she’s decided from now on to show full pussy shots in all her new photo and video sets! For all you faith fans, this is huge news! Give it another another year and she’ll be doing hardcore :-). I’m praying for that day! Check out these hot picks of Faith’s pink pussy!

inbedwithfaith.com pussy pics

See more of In Bed With Faith’s natural 32G cups!