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Maria Swan is Back

It was just a few months ago that I last posted about Maria Swan, aka Jana Defi, retiring, but luckily for us, Busty.pl, has recently posted a new set and there’s a few more set to come! Now, I’m not entirely sure if this is brand new material, or just taken from footage that was previously never released. In any case, it’s 100% new in my eyes, and it’s a pleasure looking at this sexy Czech babe showing off her natural 32G’s!

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Jana Defi Pinup Files

It’s been quite some time that I’ve seen anything from Jana Defi, but don’t get too excited here, because this latest set from Pinup Files is one from the vault. This 32G cups babe retired some time ago, and it will unexpected if she returns to model again. However, it doesn’t mean that we can’t admire her beautiful, big tits and what she’s shot in the past.

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Top 20 Big Boob Models I’d Love To See Do Hardcore (1 through 10)

10. Jana Defi
Jana Defi came to us over half a decade ago as Maria Swan, a 32G cup Czech amateur. She later changed her named to Princessa, before ending as Jana Defi. One thing that did not change though was her massive large boobs on her very slim body. Aside from some glamour photos with other women (non sexual), Jana primarily went the solo route, preferring not to do any masturbation or anything of real sexual nature. Jana is one woman that I’d love to see react to having sex, and her bouncy boobs while fucking would be an instant classic. Given that she has only popped in occasionally throughout the years at various sites though, it appears she’s semi-retired and our dreams of Jana even doing anything remotely hardcore are fading.

jana defi huge boobs

9. Anorei Collins
When I say I like them big, I’m not joking. 40NN cup amateur Anorei Collins was discovered several years ago, where she quickly got a very cult like following, and decided to open up her own site last year. She has one of the largest natural breasts )or fake for that matter) that I’ve ever seen. What’s great about Anorei’s shoots is she knows that guys love her breasts, so she makes it about them. All the themes in her pics and movies revolve around her massive breasts, she understands the niche completely. She also loves to wrap her huge NN cups around objects, just a little taste of what could find inside her deep cleavage. In the past few months, Anorei has announce that she’s pregnant, so we do know that she is fucking lol, we only wish that we could see it for ourselves ;-).

EDIT: 5/23/2012. Anorei Collins has official done hardcore!

anorei collins big tits

8. Leanne Crow
After shooting for “The Sun’s Page 3” and UK’s “Nuts,” Leanne Crow found her way online showing her massive, 34HH tits. This 21 year old British babe was once a hairdresser, but decided that wasn’t the life for her and started modeling thereafter. Although, Leanne has gone topless and has done a little work with other busty models, to date, she hasn’t done anything outside glamour model type work. Her huge tits are a titty fuck lovers dream, and I certainly hope sometime in the future, she might be willing to show us fans what those double H cups can do.
leanne crow huge tits

7. Yoko Matsugane
After busty Asian heavyweights Hitomi Tanaka and Fuko decided to jump into hardcore, there’s one other busty Asian on my list that I’m dying to see – 34E cup Yoko Matsugane. Yoko is a very popular Japaenese Idol, where she’s done several dvd’s and photobooks in Japan. Although Yoko is still very much involved in modeling, to date, Yoko has never gone topless her in any shoots. Hitomi and Fuko, were the same way however, and then quickly jumped into full on hardcore, so you can’t take Yoko out of the picture yet. There’s always a possibility. And given, the way Japanese shoot their big boob models (some of the best!), I’m dying to see how Yoko would be doing hardcore.
Yoko Matsugane busty asian

6. Rachel Aldana and Denise Milani
Given that both of these huge breasted women shot this scene together, I thought I could kill two birds with one stone, since I had to include both of these gorgeous, busty women. Denise Milani for years was called the “biggest tease,” because she just had a way with showing just about everything BUT her bare tits. Denise was a bikini model with an amazingly fit body, with enhanced DDD tits, that she loved to parade around in the smallest and tightest of outfits. Although there were hints of nipple in some of her sets, she never went completely topless. Last year, Denise’s site was closed down over a dispute and appears to have moved on to the personal health and fitness industry. Given that Denise was shy about even showing her nipples, hardcore anything was completely out of the question. So, we can only guess as how this stacked, petite babe could have been.

Rachel Aldana came to us in 2007 after having been given recognition by Guinness Book of Records for having Britain’s biggest boobs. Her 32JJ’s certainly got our attention, and other’s as well, because she was catapulted into big boob fame and capitalized on it by starting up her own official site, in which she currently is still very much a part of. Rachel has no qualms about getting topless, but has never gotten completely nude in any of her shoots, likewise, she’s never done hardcore or performed solo in that nature. It appears that Rachel, like Denise, is going more of the glamour route, so it’s unexpected in the foreseeable future that she’d ever do hardcore.

rachel aldana denise milani

5. Dors Feline
Dors Feline exudes sex. This alt/punk 34K cup has that look in her eye that says “I love to fuck!” Dors first graced us at a punk site and big boob lovers went nuts. After such a huge response, just weeks later, Dors decided to setup her own site, which she has stepped away from, because she felt they were “pushing her into a hardcore direction,” which she did not feel comfortable doing :-(. She has recently started another site with full control, all the while shooting for other big boob sites as well. At least from what I’ve seen in her work, Dors has always had that God given talent of seduction. She always comes across as very playful, and full of sexual energy. I have no doubt that she would be an amazing fuck. In her first site however, she did appear in images of a “private” scene with a boyfriend, getting fingered and taking a load a cum on her tits, she never showed any cock on film or in the photos. So whatever happened behind the scenes was only known between the two of them. Dors is still very active online, so it’s not completely out of the question if she would ever do full on hardcore, where we can actually see it. I’d definitely love to watch this hot, busty babe get pounded. I know, it will certainly make big boob headlines when, if ever she decides to do it. Edit: Just heard over the weekend, April 16-17th, Dors announced, due to health and personal reasons, she is retiring completely from modeling.
dors feline big punk tits

4. Jordan Carver
Jordan Carver is a big boob newcomer that was introduced to us last year, in 2010, and she’s nothing short of amazing. She’s definitely part of the “slim ‘n stacked” class, although her 34G boobs are enhanced, surprisingly, they look very natural. Jordan is a big boob barbie, with her perfect body, huge chest, beautiful face and she’s always got a smile. Jordan pushes the boundaries, as far as going showing as much skin, without showing anything, as you can get. She’s been shy to remove her top and show us her big tits in their entirely, going as far as being topless, with just her hands covering her nipples. Although it’s not out of the question that she may decide to one day show us her bare boobs, I think she’s far and clear from ever doing anything remotely hardcore. I’d still love nothing more to see this huge breasted babe in action!
jordan carvers huge boobs

3. Aria Giovanni
I still recall in my mind, the very first pictures I ever saw of this busty babe, Aria Giovanni. It was late 1999, early 2000, for a now defunct site called Busty Amateurs where she first appeared, and I’ve been a huge fan ever since. Then just 18 years old and new to the industry, Aria pushed her limits and shot several explicit masturbation scenes, one involving fisting, which she’s stated that she regrets and has gone at length to disassociate herself from. Although she’s done several fetish videos and more softcore lesbian scenes with other women like Erica Campbell and Sunny Leone, she’s completely avoided any hardcore movies involving men. Still, after 10 years of first laying my eyes on her, I’d still love to watch her have sex.
busty aria giovanni

2. Wendy Combantte
Wendy Combantte was discovered by the same guy who discovered Denise Milani (he’s certainly got a great eye), and although the net had seen plenty of party shots of Wendy through places like myspace, she was basically known as “the hot brunette with huge tits.” Not until she showed up as Wendy at Sports By Brooks, did she completely blow up. With just a handful of pictures professional pictures posted, Wendy became an instant hit. Like many, she used her popularity and started up her own site. I absolutely went and still am bonkers for Wendy, her massive big breasts, her beautiful face and body have everything one could desire. Now, my only desires are for her to remove that top, and to do hardcore. I know her chances of the later being non-existent, but with more and more revealing shots recently, there is a strong possibility we may see Wendy finally remove her tight tops and unleash her 32J cups for the world to finally see in all their glory.
wendy4.com big tits

1. Danni Ashe
Danni Ashe is sort of like the founding fathers (or mothers in this case) of porn online porn. In 1995, her site, Danni.com, aka Danni’s Hard Drive, was one of the very first adult sites on the internet. Her natural 32FF cups were one of the first tits that many of us saw when we first came online. Danni was recognized by the Guniess Book of World Records as the “Most Downloaded Woman” on the net (I’m not sure if that record still holds). Unfortunately for us, Danni has long since been retired, selling her huge adult empire in 2004. Although she had no quirks about doing lesbian scenes for her site, in fact, she absolutely loved doing them, she never did any shoots with males. Since she’s long gone, living the retired life with her husband of 20+ years, there is absolutely no chance we’ll ever see her doing hardcore boy-girl. She’ll always be stuck in my top 20 list and it will be extremely hard for anyone to remove her from being #1!
danni ashe busty milf

Jana Defi Pinup Files

Can you believe that it’s been almost 6 years since Jana Defi (then known as Princessa), first graced us with her humongous G cups boobs? During that time, there was a whole slew of controversy in the boob world, whether her boobs were natural or enhanced. There were boob “experts” from all over, myself included, that put in their two cents and Pinup Files, even brought in a doctor, which they broadcasted on their site, to do an xray to confirm her original claims that they were 100% real. According to his findings, she was telling the truth and he concluded that they are in fact real. Although skeptics remain, after the doctors discovery, that conversation slowly quieted down.

It had been a while since I’ve seen anything new from her and I was beginning to think she had retired completely from modeling. I was happy to see that last week, a brand new update came out featuring this lovely German G cup babe. I must say that she continues to look great and her body is really amazing. Rarely have I seen such a stacked woman with such a petite frame. Jana is always animated in her shoots, she doesn’t seem to be able to sit still, so you get lots of boobs bouncing, jiggling and breast play in her scenes. Check out her latest, with some incredible shots of this G-cup babe.

jana defi big boobs

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World Cup Epic Boobage

As England and Germany squared off in the World Cup yesterday, two of their biggest boob fans Jana Defi (32G) and Rachel Aldana (32JJ) each have their teams support. Although Jana is from the Czech Republic, she gave Germany her boobs. Rachel, a U.K. native, was proud to display England across her natural wonders. Unfortunately for Rachel, England was crushed and sent home packing. For us big boob fans, it was a win either way, as we get to see more of these two beauties and their huge natural tits one more time.

world cup boobs england soccer boobs england futball boobs
world cup tits germany soccer boobs germany soccer tits

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Jana Defi

Some great video and pics were recently taken of Jana Defi playing a little billards at Pinup Files. Jana looks as good as ever, her huge 32G cups are perfect, but certainly without controversy. I’ve seen this topic come up on more than one occasion and on more than one blog – Are Jana’s tits real? It seems that the net is split around this topic. This has caused such a stir, Pinupfiles even had a Dr. come in on one of the shoots to xray her to see if an implant could be found. To be quite honest, I’m not sure if it was a Dr. or what, but he said that they were real. However, evidence can also been seen where there’s a little stretching around the cleavage to perhaps suggest they are surgically enhanced. I think I’m going to have to fell them Jana to end this controversy once and for all. Jana, when you read this, let’s get together so we can put this to rest ok? Hey, I can dream can’t I?

Jana Defi

Jana Defi

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Natural Boobs

I recall seeing McNudes.com for the first time, when they feautred Princessa and her natural G cups. Since then, they’ve grown quite a collection of beautiful women featured on their site and many of them, like Miriam here, are naturally busty. Check out their site and see all the beauties they have to offer.

mcnudes.com miriam

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Susi Mc Nudes

Mc Nudes is home to 100% all natural girls. Not just boob wise, but no plastic surgery at all. Not that there’s anything wrong with plastic surgery, but it’s nice to see real natural girls every once in a while too. Swiss Susi, is just an example of what kind of girls they have on the site. Just a real, beautiful girl, nice and busty too. Another great perk of this site is access to Princessca’s, aka Maria Swan, pictorials and movies too. G cup baby. That’s right.

Mc Nudes – All natural, beautiful girls for your pleasure!

Maria Swan Movie

This week I’ve got a ton of big boob movies to post from all your favorite big tit stars, so look out for those coming up. I’m going to start it off with the ever so busty, beautiful and all natural Maria Swan from Busty.pl. She doesn’t even get naked in this clip, but it’s an amazing site watch her her 32G cup tits bounce as she walks.

Want to see more movies of Maria? I bet you do, check out Busty.pl!

Princessa MC Nudes

Princessa, aka Maria Swan, has the most natural big tits that I have come across lately. I would even go as far as saying, she’s in my top 20 heavy hanger babes. Her big boobs are incredible! Princessa is just 20 years old, was born in Germany, and as is taking MC Nudes by storm. If you check out their site, she’s their top clicked model. With big tits like that, of course she’s going to be on top. Mc Nudes has some incredibly beautiful European women with some amazing photography and their video is some of the highest quality I’ve ever seen. Definitely worth checking out!

princessamaria swanprincessa mc nudesmcnudes.com

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Maria Swan at Busty.pl

One of the best big tit sites out there, Busty.pl, has a brand new model! Introducing the lovely Maria Swan! Busty.pl said they’ve been on the lookout for some time trying to find a new model that can keep up with the likes of Ewa Sonnet, Ines Cudna and their other models that they’re so well known for. Well, I think Maria fits in just perfect. She’s only 21 years old, has a really slim body, long legs, nice dark hair and natural GG cup tits! How’s that for hitting the lottery? I’ve already seen one of the videos of Maria and I must say her tits are huge, bouncy and perfect! You guys definiately will want to check this one out! Have a great weekend!

maria swanmaria swan picsmaria swan busty.plmaria swan big tits

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