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Big Boobs and Tattoos

In the past few years or so, tattoos have gotten so mainstream that even girls are getting full sleeves. I remember when I was in high school, only the punks, the metal heads and the bikers got them. Now, EVERYONE has them. It’s probably more rare to find someone without tattoos (myself) than someone with them. Most of the time, I actually enjoy looking at the artwork. On women, it can look really hot, or it can be a total disaster. Two girls at Brazzers Janine Lindemulder and Mason Moore, both 34DD, have full sleeves. Janine started her collection when she was dating motorcycle builder, Jesse James. Mason, not sure about her story, but she’s had her arm sleeved ever since I started seeing her. In any case, these women women, both very busty, both with a love for ink, and both have an obsession with sex. Take a look at all three.

Mason Moore

Mason Moore

Janine Lindemulder


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