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Bouncing, Slapping Boobs

JoshGirls is a relatively new site that really has tackled a big boob niche that pretty much everyone has ignored – bouncy big boobs exercising. If you’re a fan of DD’s flapping around as girls do jumping jacks and running on treadmills, you’ll love this site. I particularly love watching a girl jog while her juggs bounce all around. That’s certainly a highlight at the gym for me. Anjelica here, does some Isometric jumping jack? bouncing her huge, heavy boobs. Have you ever heard of booty clapping? Well, Anjelica does some big tit clapping. Her tits smack her tight frame with each jump, creating a clapping sound that’s almost applause. Well, she certainly gets applause from me ;-). Take a look at this great site and watch these big tit babes bouncing around!

Check out these boob bouncing babes at Josh Girls!

Boing Boing Boing

I always enjoy movies where the girl is either having sex and her boobs are bouncing around, or if the girls are doing some activity where their boobs are bouncing around. I can’t help it, I like bouncy boobs. Well, I now know there’s another guy out there that shares my same passion, called JoshGirls. The site is dedicated solely to big boobs bouncing. On the site, you’ll find busty women jumping rope, doing jumping jacks, bouncing on trampolines, and doing just about everything imaginable to get these big boobs bouncing. For those of you that like ’em bouncy, check this new site out!

Lilli JoshGirls

Lilli JoshGirls

Watch these big tits bouncing up and down at JoshGirls!