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Karina Heart Contest

We’ve all fantasized about meeting our favorite busty girls, and DDF Busty has now given us a chance to go on a date with the huge breasted European babe, Karina Heart. ONE lucky winner will be flown to Prague and will have a dinner date with the lovely Karina. If you’ve got game, + a little drinking, who knows what can happen afterwards? Can you imagine staring down at these 40HHs over dinner? This is your once in a lifetime chance to meet Karina Heart, go for it!

Karina Heart

Karina Heart

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Karina Hart & Ashely Sage Ellison

Is this big boob heaven? Scoreland has put together an amazing combo of big boobage featuring 40HH cup Karina Hart and 36J cup Ashley Sage Ellison. Scoreland has a history of creating these big boob legends, but for the most part, they live all over the world. Rarely do they get a chance to meet at the very least, let alone shoot a set together. Well, they certainly got these two sets together for one crazy big boob shoot. Karina has always been a fav of mine, her large naturals are just perfect. I’m still waiting for her to do hardcore lol, but this will definitely suffice. Ashely, I must say, is gaining some weight and her curves are just awesome. Her boobs are quite possibly larger than 36J, she was that size before she started “filling out.” In any case, I love the extra padding she has for sure. Check out this new scene of these large, natural girls.

Karina Hart & Ashley Sage Ellison

Karina Hart & Ashley Sage Ellison

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Karina Hart Licking Her Tits

Well, the title isn’t meant to surprise anyone. Karina Hart’s 40HH tits are certainly large enough for just about anyone to get a hold of them and do as they please (with Karina’s permission of course). The fact is, it never gets old watching Karina womenhandle her own breasts. She is certainly one of the most beautiful women that I’ve come across in the double size breast category. She always looks stunning with all her curves and usually a trusty vibrator or two. Her large areolas just add to the flavor, another treat that I enjoy. If you think you can handle HH cups, check this out.

Karina Hart

Karina Hart

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Karina Hart Tit Fuck

Although I’ve been suspect sometime, the thought that Karina Hart was getting into hardcore wasn’t on my mind. I’m not sure why, she’s been doing more and more “hardcore” masturbation scenes for a while and being with guys is a natural progression. Although it’s not full on hardcore sex, Karina’s latest movie features Karina jacking off this guy and some awesome titty fucking! Karina’s 40HH tits wrapped around a big cock, I bet, feels as good as any hot pussy. She can certainly take on any size dick and make it disappear. I imagine the full on sex is coming soon, but until then, enjoy…

Karina Hart

Karina Hart

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Karina Hart Self Licking Tits

You know your tits are big when you can suck and lick them no problem. Karina Hart’s 34HH tits are absolutely huge. This time though, Karina starts sucking and playing with her big juggs, that she gets so turned on, she grabs her favorite pink toy and gets herself off. She’s not afraid to really go at it either, I can only imagine she’s picturing an overweight webmaster fucking her good. Oh yeah lol. Watch this huge breasted babe cum hard.

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Karina Hart and her Big Tit Friend

Karina Hart and her friend, Mandy Pearl, bring their racks and rackets together to play a little game of big boob tennis. Although Karina’s breast size tops the two with an HH cup, Many’s F cups are pretty impressive as well. After hitting the balls for a bit, the two have more fun jiggling and giggling their boobs back and forth. How’s that for a volley?

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Karina Hart’s Giant Boobs

HH cup amateur Karina Hart shows us what it’s like around her place when she does laundry below and here’s some clips of Karina doing some belly dancing. Her tits are just so damn big and nice. Word on the street is that she’s just about to release some hardcore scenes as well. I’ve seen a few pics and they’re awesome. I’ll keep you updated!

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Big Tits Karina Hart

A few weeks ago I made a post about Karina Hart, and just a short time later, she’s just opened a site dedicated solely to her. Scoreland has a knack for finding huge breasted babes and bringing them to the limelight. Karina is like no other and I’m sure she’s going to be a big boob star. Karina doesn’t just stand there and look pretty, she has a ton of videos playing with herself and getting off with the help of some toys. She’s a loud girl too, she loves every second of it. Check out this 40HH huge breasted babe.

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