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DDF Busty Twosome

6 years old! It was 6 years ago today, a Friday at that, when I posted my very first blog update with nothing more to say other than I can’t wait to show you guys some great big tits. Never would I imagine that 6 years later, with almost 1500 updates and over four hundred thousand visitors a month, would this site still be going strong, and continuing to increase in size each month! Truly, I want to thank you guys and girls for visiting this site each day! As long as there’s big tits to show, I’ll keep on posting…

With that in mind, you might remember, not too long ago that Leanne Crow and Kelley Scarlett teamed up at DDF Busty for a car wash. Well, it looks like this buxom twosome can’t get enough of each other, because they’re back, this time enjoying a little dip in the pool. I can’t get over how massive Leanne’s tits are, at 34HH, they’re just enormous. And I have to tell you, I think her tits look equally as hot in a bikini than bare. Kelley is right below Leanne in size with a 32H cup, which if you think about, an H cup is still humongous! One things for sure, I’ll guarantee that neither of these girls will ever drown. Enjoy this new set and again, thanks for being apart of 6 years at Big Fucking Boobs!

Check out the extremely big breasted women of DDF Busty!

Kelley Scarlett & Leanne Crow Car Wash

Looks like the photographer needed an extra double wide lens to fit both of these huge breasted babes in the same frame. H cups and double H cups, that’s some Heavy boobage going on. These two skimp down to nothing while they wash the official DDF Busty Rolls Royce. To be perfectly honest, I don’t know if I’d trust any non-professional to wash my 100K+ car, but it would be very tempting to see these big tits bouncing, and rubbing around it in the process. I don’t think I could have the will to pass that up. I guess if you can afford 100K on a car, you can afford to have it washed again? Clips courtesy of DDF Busty.

Kelley Scarlett & Leanne Crow

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