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Keri at Donny’s Girls

Donovon Philips started shooting pics of naked girls after he realized he could make more money than at his job as a computer scientist. That was 8 years ago. Based out of Chico, California, Donny now has a full blown website which boasts over 250 girls ranging from Penthouse Pets to MILFs. Donny’s Girls really is an amateur girl lovers website. I was browsing through some sample pics and Keri caught my eye (actually her big tits did!). I’m really attracted to shapely women and Keri is right up my alley. Keri’s tits are huge and I could seriously play with them all day. Donny actually said that Keri was planning on using the money she got for posing nude to help get a breast reduction! Keri, if you’re reading this – DON’T DO IT! Your breasts are perfect, you’ll make your future husband very, very happy one day!

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