Lead Lust

If you haven’t this former teacher, Tiffany Shepard, turned pornstar Leah Lust, I’ll give you some background. Tiffany, was a high school teacher in Florida who taught biology. She was fired from her teaching position after it was discovered that she was moonlighting as a bikini model on chartered fishing boats. Well, after she was fired, she reportedly sent out over 2500 resumes and couldn’t land a job, so with no income and mounting debt, she made a huge career change into porn, and Leah Lust was born.

Leah’s first sex video is with, ironically, My First Sex Teacher. First, can you imagine being in high school with a teacher like this? God, I would be starring at her tits all day long. Secondly, can you imagine being in high school and watching your former teacher, who you had last year, in a hardcore porn video? I can’t. Leah Lust leaves nothing to the imagination, she sucks cock, gets fucked in every which way, her big tits just bouncing all over the place… I won’t tell you how it ends, I won’t spoil the surprise, check it out for yourself!

Tiffany Shepherd aka Leah Lust

Tiffany Shepherd aka Leah Lust

Watch this real life teacher perform in her first porn video!

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