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Adult Video Store Fun


The last time I was in an adult video store/sex store was about 5 years ago when I went to buy a dildo. No, not for me you ass, it was for this girl that I had planned to shoot for. I was going to video tape her using it, then my friend was going to fuck her and then I was going to sell copies of the tape on ebay. Well, I ended up shooting her and my friend, but about 2 weeks later ebay ended up closing down their adult section, so the tape has been dusty since. Well, back to the adult store. So I always heard about people hooking up in sex stores, about couples who would look for guys to fuck their wives, but I also heard that a lot of gay guys hang out there to try to pick up other men. Well, I guess walking around alone with a big 12 inch dildo wasn’t the best thing to do, and I got two guys that started trying to talk to me. One guy went up to me and told me that I had beautiful hands, God knows what he was thinking about doing to them. Another guy was waiting outside the door and hollered over to me as I came out. When I stopped to see what he wanted, he asked if I had the time. When I said “No,” he asked if “I wanted to party.” I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a birthday party he was thinking of. And no, I didn’t “party” with him.

The guys from Assparade had much better luck than I did. Candace and Luscious, two porn stars who went to an adult store for a video signing, end up tag teaming these two guys and the entire room full of fans watched the whole thing. Check out the trailer, one of the girls even signs a guy’s balls!