I was happy to receive the latest XX-Cel scenes in my inbox the other day, with some really big breasted models getting their huge juggs sucked on. The owner, a man much like myself, has a huge obsession with large breasts and loves to touch, massage and suck on them. The focus of the site, of course, is big tits, but it’s not just having sex with big tit girls. In fact, there’s really no hardcore (penetration) scenes at all. Rather, the girls are playing with their big boobs, and the site’s owner gets quite involved with his hands and mouth. As much as I love watching a big breasted woman have sex, XX-Cel is much like a site that I would love running, because it’s the breast itself, fondling, caressing, and sucking on that I enjoy more than anything. It’s a true breast obsession site. Watch these two (from top to bottom) Lisa, 36FF and Mariana 38HH, enjoy having their humongous breasts sucked and licked.

Lisa 36FF

Lisa 36FF

Mariana 38HH

Mariana 38HH

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Huge Black Tits


XX-Cel is quickly becoming an authority in the amateur boob market. Their models are absolutely huge. Mariana here, originally from Africa, now living in Paris, has natural 38 HH tits. WOW! She’s only 20 years old as well. I can only imagine once she has children, how large her breasts will be. IN the meantime, enjoy these….

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