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Tori Taylor and Maserati

Busty black babe Tori Taylor is paired up at Big Naturals with one of the biggest out there (chest wise that is), Maserati! After messing around with each other’s big tits, most notably when Tori is sucking on Maserati tits, and Maserati decides to grab the other and start licking herself as well. Then comes in the big cock, in which the girls decide to tag team with their mouths. After the girls fuck him to no end, there’s fireworks all over their black big tits!

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MaseratiXXX Big Ebony Tits

Let me introduce you guys to this huge breasted newcomer Masertai XXX. Like the car, she’s got some clear curves, but unlike the car, she has some massive, natural 34H cup black tits! This 21 year old Jamaican babe has some serious heavy tits and I’m sure will be blowing up huge in the big boob world. Check out of her first, full on hardcore boob bouncing fuck video from Bangbros!

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