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Busty Mya Action Girls

The ever so hot Mya does another Action Girls shoot, doing her best Rambo impersonations with Ak’s, shotguns, pistols and even honing a 50 cal! This chick is not only hot as hell, she’s bad ass too. Her beautiful face, tight ass body and big tits – she’s definitely a keeper. Check out this beautiful babe, showing off her bod and playing with guns!


Check out these hot, busty girls slinging guns @ Action Girls!

Mya Action Girls

Action Girls has another exciting update featuring a total hottie named Mya. One thing I wished the site published is their model stats, because they have a ton of busty models, some that I’ve never come across, that I’d love to see how big they are. Mya is strikingly beautiful, a really fit body and nice big tits. She looks amazing in her leather bikini and so damn hot waving those guns around. Take a look and enjoy!

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