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Mommy Got Boobs

Penny Porsche is a perfect match for the new site Mommy Got Boobs. She’s a really hot MILF and has huge F cup tits. I read somewhere that her tits are real, but she had them lifted. But I can clearly see scars around her nipples, plus I can just tell they’re fake. But who cares right? As you can see in these clips, Penny loves the younger cock and still has the energy of a 20 year old! Check out this busty mama!

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My Best Friends Hot Mom

When I was a horny little bastard in high school, I’ll admit, I had a thing for my girlfriends Mom too. Both were blondes, and given the fact the Mom was in her 40’s, one major difference was the Mom had really big tits. I mean really big. I remember going to their house all the time and every time I came over, her Mom would give me a hug that always seemed to last a little longer than it should and her tits were just rubbing up all against me. It’s like she almost did it on purpose. The weird thing is too, her Mom didn’t sleep in the same bedroom as her husband because my girlfriend said her Dad snored too loud. So I knew the Mom wasn’t getting much sex if any at all. Even after we broke up, I was still on really good terms with my ex and her family. Years later I would see them every once in a while and the Mom would always tell me to stop by the house to say hi, even after my ex had left home. Maybe it was just my perverted little mind, but it always seemed like she was trying to get me to come over for more than to just say Hi. I always wondered what would have happened had I stopped by and the Mr. wasn’t there. I guess I’ll never know, but I’ll admit it back then it was sort of a fantasy to have sex with her.

That story leads me to Penny, from My Best Friends Hot Mom one of the hottest MILFs I have ever seen! She got an incredible body for someone her age and the absolutely huge tits! Penny is horny as hell too! She loves the younger guys that can keep up and go for hours. Check out this gallery of Penny banging one of her son’s friends!

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