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One of the hottest busty glamour models to hit the net is none other than Stacey Poole. Stacey became a huge sensation after posing in UK publications Nuts and Zoo. It’s of no surprise she was in hot demand, as everyone wanted to see more of this 34GG cup babe. Luckily for us, she’s joined the ranks of Pinup Files, who have an eye for shooting some of the most amazingly, busty babes out there! Check out the latest shoot below!

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The latest at big boob site Pinup Files features an amazing natural breasted babe, Samanta Lily! Samanta measures a whopping 32J and she’s 100% natural. A lot of people get skeptical of the realness when breasts are that large, but it only takes about 5 seconds of her boob bouncing videos to see they’re indeed the real mccoy. Check out this amazing huge tit babe!


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See more of this beautiful 32E cup babe at Pinup Files!

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Holly Peers was first discovered by Pinup Files not even a year ago, but this 34G cup British babe is still gracing it’s web pages. All natural breasts, a beautiful face and great smile – Who could want anything more?

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The latest big boob discovery that is making waves comes from Pinup Files and their latest model, Lana Kendrick. This is the first time Lana has ever gotten nude on the net and it’s certainly a treat! This busty amateur is a natural 32GG cup! Standing almost 6 feet tall, this is what you call slim and stacked!

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As we play with our toys on this Christmas Day, I couldn’t pass up posting the latest from Pinup Files, huge breasted babe Sha Rizel, aka Sophie Nova. Her 32H cups are the ultimate toys for us big boob guys. If Santa could ever give me a dream girl, Sha would be real damn close to perfect! Enjoy your Christmas Day from BF Boobs!

Check out these natural 32H cup tits at Pinup Files!


It’s been quite some time that I’ve seen anything from Jana Defi, but don’t get too excited here, because this latest set from Pinup Files is one from the vault. This 32G cups babe retired some time ago, and it will unexpected if she returns to model again. However, it doesn’t mean that we can’t admire her beautiful, big tits and what she’s shot in the past.

Check out the hot, busty babes of Pinup Files!

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Sammy Braddy

9/16/2012 · 1 comment

The latest at Pinup Files features one of the hottest, busty Brits out there, Sammy Braddy! You might have seen Sammy as a “Nuts” girl, or even at FHM, as she’s placed #1 two years in a row for the Top 100 girls. Yes, she’s that big of a deal. Sammy’s beautiful face, body and you can’t forget those 32H cup tits are just perfect. Check out this glamour model in her big boob debut!

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There’s a new busty model at Pinup Files named Sarah Nicola Randall that has heads spinning. She’s loaded with natural 32H cup breasts and loves to show them off. This Welch beauty has a spectacular body, one of the most fit girls with big breasts that I’ve seen. Take a look at this brand new busty babe!

sarah randall pinupfiles

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I’ll admit, aside from all the big tits around here, I have a huge fetish for women in business suits or dress shirts. I find it completely sexy when a good looking women dresses up for work, and you know they’re just wild when it all comes off. I’m talking about the busty girls that you can see just bursting out of their dress shirts, glasses, the whole nine yard. In the latest from Pinup Files, Wendy Fiore, dresses up exactly for the part that I love. If you’ve ever seen her in a button up shirt, you’ll know that she can barely fit in one, let alone button it up all the way to the top. Her her big tits are just completely stuff in. With nothing underneath her shirt, she slips into a sexy, pinky bra, with her tie still on and teases us endlessly. Take a look at this busty beauty Wendy Fiore.

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36JJ Italian boob wunderkind, Wendy Fiore, decided it was time to extend her wings a bit and she’s shoot with big boob site Pinup Files. Although she’s getting more and more revealing, her work is still non-nude, but I tell you, I think we’re close ;-). Wendy just loves to show off her massive boobs and I can’t imagine that she’s going to want to hold out forever. Sometimes it’s best to leave it to the imagination, dont you think? Nah, I’d rather see the boobs! Enjoy the latest from Wendy teasing us with her huge tits in this tiny bikini!

Check out Wendy Fiore’s debut at Pinup Files!

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Check out the latest from Sara Willis at Pinup Files!

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Pinup Files celebrates their 13th anniversary this month with a brand new big boob model, Vassanta. This all natural amateur is a Southern Girl with huge, 34H cups. Now, you’d never know it from looking, but Vassanta recently gave birth, so perhaps we may see some lactating videos in the future? Her areolas are nice and swollen and are huge. Sneak up on Vassanta in her dressing room as she prepares for her debut!

Watch Vassanta in her debut movie at Pinup Files!

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Can you believe that it’s been almost 6 years since Jana Defi (then known as Princessa), first graced us with her humongous G cups boobs? During that time, there was a whole slew of controversy in the boob world, whether her boobs were natural or enhanced. There were boob “experts” from all over, myself included, that put in their two cents and Pinup Files, even brought in a doctor, which they broadcasted on their site, to do an xray to confirm her original claims that they were 100% real. According to his findings, she was telling the truth and he concluded that they are in fact real. Although skeptics remain, after the doctors discovery, that conversation slowly quieted down.

It had been a while since I’ve seen anything new from her and I was beginning to think she had retired completely from modeling. I was happy to see that last week, a brand new update came out featuring this lovely German G cup babe. I must say that she continues to look great and her body is really amazing. Rarely have I seen such a stacked woman with such a petite frame. Jana is always animated in her shoots, she doesn’t seem to be able to sit still, so you get lots of boobs bouncing, jiggling and breast play in her scenes. Check out her latest, with some incredible shots of this G-cup babe.

jana defi big boobs

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As some of you loyal readers may know, I have a rather healthy obsession with larger areolas. You could even say I like huge areolas. Yes, I like everything big! So, when you have a woman like Lorna Morgan, who has not only unbelievably large breasts (32G), but also extremely large, dark areolas as well, I am in total heaven. Lorna recently had a baby, so if her breasts appear larger than before, it’s because they probably are. Her areolas though, cover almost her entire, large breasts, that’s when you know they’re big. To me, larger areolas just make the breast seem complete. It’s like I almost expect them when I see big tits. I think, deep down, my love for them just stems from my first girlfriend who had really big ones lol. In any case, Lorna Morgan, has the most beautiful areolas ever. What do you think?

Pics courtesy of Pinup Files

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