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Teri Weigel

If you grew up in the 80’s like I did, unlike today where everyone is a pornstar, there were only a handful of really big ones and one of them was Teri Weigel. I remember seeing my first Teri Weigel porno and my mouth dropped. Not only does she have huge knockers, this girl is fucking nuts in bed! I have yet to meet or hear another woman that’s as vocal as Teri is. I mean, she doesn’t just moan, she screams! She is a very sexual woman. She actually worked at the Bunny Ranch brothel for a while, because she couldn’t get enough sex! In these movie clips from Please Bang My Wife, Teri and her husband meet up with this muscle dude and they ask him to fuck Teri in front of the husband! I don’t think I would be ok with having my wife fucking a perfect stranger, let alone watch it, but hey, call me old fashioned :-).


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