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Sophia at Ball Honey’s

Ball Honey’s new girl is a hot latina Sophia. She almost look like she could pass for a white girl, but she’s 100% latin. Once the bangbros crew saw Sophia walking along the beach with her blonde pony tail and big natural tits, they decided to approach. Instead of asking about the whole “would you like to model?” crap, they said fuck it and just straight out asked if she wanted to fuck! I actually knew a guy like that in high school that would go to these big parties and just start asking girls if they wanted to have sex. Out of 20-30 girls he would always find one that would say yes. I never had the balls to be like that, but anyway. Sophia goes back to their place and shows off her awesome camel toe, before starting to munch on some cock, then getting fucked. Fuck all these words, just watch these clips of Sophia doing what she does best!

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