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Southern Brooke Tropical Tits

While the rest of us are freezing our asses off right now, Southern Brooke is off on some tropical island on vacation getting some sun on her 36DD’s. I was surprised to see Brooke a little covered up in her tank top, thinking she’s want to flaunt those big tits around and get all that attention. But, even with her loose top, it still clear she has some big ones and I’m sure got plenty of double takes. As she found a secluded, sunny spot behind some palms, she quickly started to strip down to her bikini, and didn’t waste sun time making sure her tits got a nice, golden tan. Hey Brooke, need a hand oiling up those puppies? Take a look at this Southern Belle baring all on the public beach!

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Relax, They’re Just Boobs

Southern Brooke is in a casual mood and ready to strip down to show off her 36DD’s, but not before some teasing along the way. This playful amateur rubs her hands all over her giant, natural boobs that are just busting out of her black tanktop. Her white g-string hikes all the way up her ass, accenting her round bubble butt. This babe has lots of curves and loves to show off all of them.

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Southern Brooke Champagne Fun

Southern Brooke looks like she had so much fun for New Years drinking champagne, that she found a new use for it while she’s all alone – pouring it all over her 36DD’s and titty fucking it. I guess when your boobs are that big, you’ll wrap them around anything that gets close. Come me Southern Brooke, just a little closer…

Southern Brooke

Southern Brooke

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Southern Brooke Self Pics

With all the social sites out there like Myspace and Facebook, self pics are all the rage these days. They’re even making cameras with lcs screens on the FRONT of the camera, so you can see yourself while you take self pics. Well, some of the recent shots of Southern Brooke are ones that she took herself. After trying out her pink bikini, I guess she wanted to take some pics to see how she looked. Well, she looks fucking incredible. Although, judging from the fact that her big 36DD are just popping out, I think she may have gotten a size too small. She’s almost ripping it! But, I’m sure none of you mind, as far as we’re concerned, it fits perfectly.

Southern Brooke

Southern Brooke

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Southern Brooke

Once solo girls get really popular, it’s really inevitable that they start to shed more clothing. I guess the money gets higher, they get more comfortable, it just happens. Sweet Krissy took the plunge a while ago and started showing off her assests. We all know Faith, who took who went hardcore last year, that was a big surprise.

The latest who’s gone from non-nude to start showing off her big tits is Southern Brooke. She may not be a household name here at Big Fucking Boobs, and that’s my fault, but I promise to keep her in regular rotation. She’s quite top heavy and worth every mention. I’ll keep you all posted for her future scenes.

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