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Big Tit Pool Party

I don’t know about where you live, but in Southern California right now, it’s hot as shit. If you’re lucky enough to live by the beach, you’re in heaven. Hot chicks galore and you can dip in the ocean. If you’re more inland or not into the ocean, there’s always a private pool that offers instant relief. The guys at VIP Crew take the pool parties just one step further. They get a gangland of hot chicks that are wild as fuck, and just a few guys, mix a few drinks and you’ve got groping, pussy eating and fucking all over the place. Usually a few girls will go inside with some lucky guy to fuck even harder. This is how you do pool parties.

busty pool party

Check out what these chicks do when it gets hot in LA

Wild Busty Party Girls

When I’m old, fat, and hopefully one day rich, I swear I’m going to have a pool house and have a plethora of girls that will call me their sugar daddy. Having a pool growing up, I can say that when lots of girls get together, they always want to take off their tops and get crazy after a few hours. Maybe it’s the chlorine, who knows?

One great site, the Vip Crew, gets hot girls together, for parties at clubs, pools, anywhere that’s sexy and just watch the girls go wild. I love the pool scenes, all these girls getting drunk, dancing around, taking off their clothes and getting it on with other girls. Every once in a while some hung dude will come by and guide a few into private rooms for some really hardcore fucking. But it’s the outside scene, the girls who just go wild and sort of have mini-orgies that I enjoy the best. Take a peek at what goes on.

Free Clips of the VipCrew.com in action!

Back To School

It’s the time for college students around the US to go back to school. In the college town I live in, uhauls are coming in by the dozen as students prepare for binge drinking, ramdon sex and a little studying. In a few weeks, at least in California, parties are going to end up looking like they do here at VIP Crew.

See what happens when hot girls get around swimming pools!