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Wendy Fiore at the Beach

In this new set with Wendy Fiore, you can really get a sense of Wendy’s J cups and her deep cleavage as she gets on all fours and lets her big tits totally hang down. As Wendy parades around the beach in this wet tank top, her nipples showing, she comes so close to just taking it all off for us to see. She’s such a tease! Pics courtesy of Wendy4.

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Busty Wendy Combattente Taking a Bath

One of the hottest picture sets of Wendy Combattente has been released and it’s sexy as hell. Slowly, Wendy is showing more and more, until eventually, I believe she’s going to give us what we’ve been desiring for so long – completely topless. It really can’t come soon enough lol. In this latest set, Wendy takes a bath, and covers her nipples with her hands, but shows how massive her breasts truly are. Wendy is now updating her site, Wendy4, 5 times a week, including 2 LIVE cam shows per week!

wendy combattente big tits

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Wendy4 Topless

Wendy Combattente, aka Wendy Fiore, aka Wendy4 has finally gone almost completely topless! You didn’t think she was going to give up the goods quite yet did you? lol I have to tell you, that as each month goes by, Wendy is getting closer and closer to showing us her 32J cups in all their glory. This is one of the greatest teases of all time. This is from one of her recent updates where we can truly get a clear picture of just how massive Wendy’s tits are. I could only imagine this Italian beauty squeezing her boobs together with a nice present inside, if you know what I mean? It’s getting closer though, it’s coming….

wendy combattente topless

Wendy4 Most Revealing Set Yet

Wendy Fiore’s latest set shows more skin than she’s ever revealed before! This is the first set that I’ve ever seen where you can see traces of her nipples. Now, from what I see, they’re amazingly small for breasts her size, so I can imagine there’s a little photoshop in there to hide them a bit. However, you CAN actually see her nipples in some of these pics. I think it’s really only a matter of time before she’s completely nude. I really think it will happen soon! Aside from the excitement of seeing Wendy’s nipples, her massive 32J cups are just spilling out of her lingerie. This is truly the best update yet!

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Wendy4 Topless

At the beginning of each year, I usually make predictions about certain models, or rather things that I would like to happen, but in this case of Wendy Fiore, I’m going to make it now – in 2011 she will be completely topless, no hand covering, we will see nipple! In her latest update at Wendy4, Wendy gets so, so close to showing us the goods. This is her most risque picture set yet. Really, she’s been holding out for a while, but I think she’s ready. I can feel it! Enjoy these latest pics of Wendy taking a tip in her bathtub and lathering up her 32J cups!

wendy4 topless wendy fiore topless wendy fiore topless
wendy fiore topless wendy4 topless wendy combattente topless

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Wendy Combattente Pool Bikini

There’s a few big breasted women that I absolutely never get tired of looking at and Wendy Combattente is certainly one of those few. This babe absolutely drives me nuts, seriously, she’s perfect! Her 32J cup breasts are just so massive and she loves to wear really tight shirts so that they’re just spilling out. In one of her latest shoots, Wendy is taking a dip in the pool and these bikini shots are just some of the hottest ever. Wendy truly has a great smile, but personally, I like the serious, sexy look, like in pic #4. She’s certainly one of the best models to come out this year! Prepare yourself for greatness.

Courtesy of Wendy4


Check out Wendy Combattente’s official site Wendy4!

Wendy Combattente Doing Chest Exercises

I’m not sure if Wendy Combattente is doing chest exercices to firm up or to get a little more definition in her cleavage? If I was a 32J cup like Wendy, and if I was a girl, I would just leave my tits the hell alone. No sense in doing anything that might change that. God forbid she’d get a little more muscle there and lose her cup size. In any case, if I’d want to see a busty woman doing any exercise, yes, it would be the butterfly. Wendy puts on not one sports bra, but two(!) to hold down her massive boobs while working out. Wearing on top of it all is a tank top that’s probably two sizes too small, and her big tits are just completely spilling out of it lol. I’ll tell you though, with her arms spread apart like this and her chest popping out, it’s a sight you won’t forget. Here’s the latest from Wendy4.

wendy combattente pics wendy4 wendy4
32j cup big tits wendy combattente tits wendy4 pictures

See more of Wendy’s monster tits at her official site Wendy4!

Wendy4 Almost Topless

The latest Wendy Combattente set at Wendy4, is to date the closest we’ve ever come to seeing Wendy totally topless. Damn, we’re almost there! These new pictures that she just posted have had the big boob experts talking. Are her boobs real or fake? As real as they may look, and as bouncy as they may be in her videos, from my analysis, I think they’re enhanced. Too many signs that point in that direction. Nevertheless, the only way we’ll ever know is if she just flat out removes those hands lol. Fake or real, they look fucking perfect though and she still has me going nuts over her. These pics just set it over the top for me. So what do you guys think? Fake or real? Let me know your thoughts, but don’t forget to check out these pics first!

huge big boobs wendy fiore wendy comattente
huge big boobs wendy4 wendy four

Check out these monster 32J cup tits at Wendy4!

Wendy Combattente Bike Ride

I’ll admit, I’m totally smitten by Wendy Combattente. Her site Wendy4 has been a dream come true, because I never get tired of looking at this 32J cup babe. Ever since I first came across Wendy years ago, I’ve always looked for more and more of her. Now, she’s updating her site multiple times per week and she’s revealing more and more of herself. In this set, Wendy takes a bike ride and I’ll admit although the pictures are surely impressive, you have to see the video because there’s lots of bumps on the round and it translates on a certain area on her body. Her boobs jiggle, bounce and shake like crazy with just a regular bike ride! What I’d love to see is some mountain biking lol. I can’t even imagine. Take a look at this slim and stacked babe biking around in her bikini.

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Wendy4 Red Dress

I’m always amazed by the sheer size of Wendy Combattente’s boobs any time I see them. They’re just absolutely huge and she doesn’t do anything to hide that fact lol. Wendy always wears the tighest shirts known to mankind, or maybe they’re really not, but that’s all she can find. I mean, who is making tops for 32J cup tits? Her site, Wendy4, is updated 3 times a week with lots of pictures and HD video of this busty Italian babe. What I really enjoy is the mixture between glamour and candid, real life images. I’m actually more a sucker of the every day shots. When Wendy is shooting video in public, you can’t imagine how many guys turn around and take a double and triple looks lol. Jesus, all day long guys must be staring at her tits. I know I would.

Wendy Comattente

See more of Wendy’s huge 32J cup tits at her site Wendy4!

Wendy4 Combattente

Wendy Combattente’s new, official site, Wendy4 released some really nice updates last week. This huge breasted babe is definitely going to be towards the top this year of the best, new big boob sites that came out for 2010. How could it not? Wendy is so smokin’ hot it drives me nuts! One of the best things about her site coming out is that after all these years, I finally was able to watch Wendy move, as in video! One of my favorites is this movie with Wendy just casually riding her bicycle down the street and her big tits are just bouncing up and down like crazy after hitting just any little bump lol. This is definitely a site you guys will want to join. Check out this 32J cup amateur Wendy Combattente!

big boobs wendy pics wendy4 big tits pics wendy4 big tits
wendy4 big tits pics wendy4 big tits pics wendy combattente pics
wendy4 big tits pics wendy4 big tits wendy4 combattente

Check out these exclusive pics of 32J cup Wendy Combattente!

Wendy Combattente’s New Official Site Wendy4

It finally happened! Wendy Combattente has launched her official site at Wendy4.com! I can’t even begin to tell you how excite I am about this site. I have been in love with Wendy ever since her myspace photos were circulating the net years and years ago. Then, Sports by Brooks, did her first professional shots and I was in heaven. Now, this! One thing that I’ve always wonder was “How big are Wendy’s tits?” Obviously, they’re huge, but I like to know sizes. Well, she’s officially listed at a 32J cup! She’s of Italian and Polish decent, born in Chicago and now living in Southern California. Her site will be updated 3 times a week, with hi res pics, HD videos and tons of just everyday candid shots too. I seriously cannot wait to see more and more of her. There’s no way in hell you can ever get sick of looking this slim, beautiful babe and her huge tits. Check out her new site now at Wendy4!

Wendy Combattente pics Wendy4 pics Wendy4 pics

Check out these hot pics and movies of Wendy Comattente
and her 32J cups @ her new official site Wendy4!

Wendy & Brooke Action Girls

The ever so busty Wendy Combattente is back at Action Girls, this time with a hot, blonde babe named Brooke. Wendy’s face is just all about sex appeal, she is so damn hot it drives me nuts. If you’re like me, in total love with her, you’ll be excited for some great news that will be coming out in about a week. Don’t want to give it away quite yet, but it’ll be worth the wait. Until then, join the latest from this huge breasted Italian babe.

Wendy & Brooke

Wendy & Brooke

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Wendy Combattente

Wendy Combattente big boobs have been driving me nuts for years – in a good way that is. 4-5 years ago, she just started appearing everywhere, mostly from myspace, webshots and flickr pics. Then, then the site that discovered Denise Milani, Sports By Brooks, started shooting some professional pics of her and it looked like she was going into the modeling world. Then for a while, aside from a few updates on her social networking profile, really nothing came out – UNTIL NOW! Ladies and Gentlemen, the newest pro pics of Wendy Combattente from one of the coolest babe sites out there, Action Girls! If you like big boobs, hot girls and guns, you will love this site (even if you like any of the three, you’ll love it!). Wendy sort of looks like a Sin City female assassin, dressed in all black leather that accents every curve of her body. This Italian girl is just smoking hot! I have yet to find Wendy’s official breast size, but have heard through the big boob grapevine that they’re in the J cup range. If you want to see the entire set of this babe, check out Action Girls!

busty sports wendy actiongirls wendy actiongirls wendy
Wendy Combattente Wendy Combattente big boobs Wendy Combattente big boobs
actiongirls.com wendy pics Wendy Combattente pics big tits wendy

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