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Wifey Still Hot

I recently out shopping and had to do a double take on a women who I thought for a split moment was Wifey, from Wifey’s World. After I came home, I instantly went to her side and was reminded how hot this older, busty, blonde woman is. Her husband, Hubby, truly hit the lottery with this woman at his side. What’s amazing is that the site is still going strong, still production hot, hardcore, busty movies each week. Given that Wifey’s World is one of the first adult sites on the net, and the fact that it’s still production weekly updates is impressive. That’s a lot of fucking lol.


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Wifeys World POV

Regular readers know that Wifey from Wifey’s World is one of my all time favorite big boob models and definitely my favorite milf of all time. As this double D housewife gracefully ages, she gets hotter and hotter. Her site has been updated for over 10 years now and the amount of Wifey content on there will keep you going forever. She and her husband, aka Hubby, love to role play and they come up with all kinds of scenarios, like the delivery guy, pool boy, employer, etc. Sometimes though, it’s just raw, real life sex. To be perfectly honest, that’s what I enjoy most. This scene was shot while Wifey and Hubby were on vacation and after a day at the pool, decided to come back and film some built up sexual tension. Hubby does it right and shoots it POV style, so you really get to see what it’s like to be fucking Wifey. As Hubby pounds away, Wifey’s boobs just bounce up and down like crazy. After going for sometime, this cum crazy wife wants his cum, not inside her, but all over her face. She gets down on her knees, and jerks him off until he spews his load all over her beautiful face. Housewife of the year anyone?


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Busty Mother’s Day

First, I want to say Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. You truly make the world go around. On the subject of Moms, specially MILFs, there is no other that I think of when I hear that term – Wifey from Wifey’s World. This 36DD real life Mom has broadcasted her sex life for the world to see for over 10 years now. She was a MILF when she started her site and she’s definitely one of the hottest MILF’s out there period now. I wonder what Hubby is going to give her for Mother’s day? Something tells me it begins with the letter C and it’s not Chocolate. Check out this scene and watch Wifey get fucked as her tits hang over the balcony railing.


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Wifey’s Big Workout

Wifey, from Wifey’s World, doesn’t look as good as she does by doing nothing all day long, she takes care of herself. She was working out in her home gym, when Hubby walked in and saw her laying down on one of those bouncy balls with her tits standing straight up. Her nipples were hard, so Hubby took that as a sign to get some action. After licking Wifey’s ass and pussy, he slid his cock in and rode her while she was still on the bouncy ball. After giving her a workout that was much better than she would have gotten on her own, he gives her a nice protein shake for that extra punch.

Wifey's World

Wifey's World

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Wifey’s Boobs Are Bouncy

Now this is a sight to be seen. I always love to look at busty women laying down, especially when they’re having sex, because not only does it truly gives you a scope of how large their breasts are, I’ll admit, I just like watching them rock back and forth with their tits all jiggly n shit lol. One of the hottest, busty women to ever grace the net is no other than Wifey of Wifey’s World. Her and Hubby have had the site going strong for over 10 years now and they’re still fucking like jack rabbits each week to show you. How do I know Wifey’s tits are the most amazing play toy ever? Because Hubby, who’s been grabbing them since high school, still can’t get his hands off them whenever he gets the chance! Take a look at Hubby giving Wifey the ol’ one two while holding on for dear life.

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Wifey’s World Christmas

Merry Christmas! Our favorite busty Wifey certainly gets into the Christmas spirit with her Husband, aka Hubby, getting dressed up and strutting her big 36DD tits around while hubby gets horned up, ready to fuck her at a moment’s notice. Wifey loves to tease, but Hubby can only take so much before he pulls out his big cock and has Wifey drain him dry with her mouth. Then Wifey pulls out her new vibrator that Santa brought and gets off good. This couple has so much fun having sex, and they document it all for you. Take a look at Wifey’s latest and join Wifey’s World today for their end of year/Christmas special price of just $14.95 for one month! It hasn’t been that low in years. Treat yourself and join today!

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Big Boob Nun

Wifey looks so hot dressed up as a nun for Halloween. If nun’s looked like this, I’m sure we’d be in church every Sunday. Her 36DD’s look enormous in this black dress, but she doesn’t keep them contained for long. She was blessed with such a big bosom, she’s ecstatic to show them to the world. Wifey always has so much fun, and I think that’s why her site is one of the best on the net! Cum join Wifey’s World today and take advantage of their economy buster, special reduced rate! This site is highly recommended!

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Big Boob Chef Wifey

If the Food Channel only had hosts like Wifey, I’d be watching their channel 24/7. In this set, Wifey decides to do a little cooking in the kitchen, wearing just an apron. Her huge, natural 36DD’s are spilling out all over the place. She’s ready to do make a big feast, but Hubby has plans to feast on something else. He gets so horned up looking at his hot wife, he feeds her his cock sandwich. She glad eats it all, and especially enjoys the creamy filling. She got a little mess with it and most of it got all over her face! If you want to see the hottest busty milf on the net, check out Wifey’s World!

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My Favorite Wifey

If there’s ever been a perfect milf (at least on the net), it’s Wifey. Beauty, successful, big tits…You couldn’t ask for anything more. Her site Wifey’s World, celebrated it’s 10th year Anniversary, which in internet time, is basically the beginning, especially for an adult site. Since her husband first posted some pictures of Wifey on some newsgroups, the world has been obsessed with her ever since. Who would have though such a sweet, innocent looking woman would be such a horndog? She loves giving her husband blowjobs, titty fucking, taking his huge loads all over her face and down her throat – I bet if you didn’t know her, you’d never expect those things coming from her. That’s what I think her appeal is. The mom next door that loves to get wild behind closed doors. Since Wifey is such a humanitarian, especially during this economic crisis, for a limited time, she’s offering 33% off her membership price to only $19.95. It hasn’t been that low in years. I would suggest to all those that have been on the fence about joining her site, to join, this is the perfect time. Here’s a classic video of Wifey and Hubby doing a little breast fondling.

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Busty Wifey 4 Pres

While most retailers are having huge end of year sales, Wifey’s World is coming to our rescue with an end of year special – For the next few days she’s cut her price in half! Right now, you can get a month’s membership for just $12.95! So don’t wait, if you’ve ever wanted to see what goes on in the daily life of the net’s hottest 36DD MILF, now’s the perfect chance. You’ll love the way she tit fucks Hubby, how she gives him awesome, deep blowjobs and how she milks his cock and takes big loads all over her face and big tits. Enjoy!

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Big Tit Wifey MILF

Wifey’s World has imho the hottest big tit milf on the net, Wifey. Her 36DD’s are naturally perfect, still quite firm looking, and her figure, her face are stunning. She’s a little nasty too, loves getting hot loads shot all over her tits and face, and loves to masturbate while her husband plays with her nipples. She’s not afraid to show what really goes on in her world. Check her out.

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Wifey Loves Hardcore

The net’s hottest milf Wifey was caught by her husband looking at big black cocks on the net. Her husband didn’t mind though, because he knew that she getting horny and he would soon have his hands all over her 36DD’s, and she’d be staring at his cock – while it was going in and out of her mouth! Wifey definitely loves it hardcore.

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Natalie Fiore

When I rate MILF’s, I’m usualyl comparing everyone to Wifey. At least on the net, I really can’t think of a hotter, bustier milf than her. However, one milf that is really getting my attention lately is Natalie Fiore from XLGirls. Her 36DDD natural tits are delightful, her curves are splendid and I”m starting to sound like an English cigarette. She’s fucking hot and she has huge tits. Check this milf out!

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Blonde Busty Wifey

One of my favorite long standing big boob models on the net is Wifey. Her beautiful face, innocent personality, and her increbible, natural 36DD tits have made this woman an internet sensation. Her sexual life continues to be recorded and each week she shows how her and hubby have been doing it. Check out more of this hottie that loves to show off her big tits to the world.

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