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Happy Cinco de Mayo! I came across this hot busty Mexican news reporter Keren Rios on youtube and I thought today would be an appropriate day to share. I can only imagine the ratings that this news station gets.

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Possibly the largest natural tits I’ve ever seen on an Asian woman. This is Fuko. Anyone have any info on her?

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With the explosion of You Tube, internet surfers are posting just about everything you can imagine. Well, nothing too graphic, but everything in between. Well, for voyeurs, who love showing what they’ve found, You Tube has turned into the ultimate playground. Case in point, check out these clips of busty women walking through NYC. The second girl has some really bouncy ones.

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After just graduating from college not too long ago, one of the things I miss the most, is all those hot days where girls would be wearing next to nothing, showing off every curve they have. These hot girls all over the place would drive me wild, to the point I couldn’t even study in the library without getting a hardon lol.

Well, the past few days I’ve been search through You Tube and I’ve found a few realy hot girls showing off their tits. Example, here is a girl from Ohio State giving a strip tease to her boyfriend. Looks like it doesn’t mind sharing :-).

more at click here. (you will have to register with You Tube if you aren’t already)

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